Zircon Crowns

zircon crownFor strength, as well as beauty, CDS is pleased to offer Zircon crowns.  These crowns are made from zirconia cores with porcelain added for a natural, translucent appearance.

Zirconia crown

A zirconia crown is made of a strong, biocompatible material, zirconia which is also used in medical applications like artificial joints. It is a well-known, type of all-ceramic crown which significantly improves the tooth appearance that has been previously disfigured or stained for years.

Advantages of zirconia crown

Zirconia is a crystal form that is indestructible and lasts longer. It has adequate strength and durability. In fact, its crown cannot be spotted amongst natural teeth. Patients are least likely to develop an allergic reaction to zirconia and thus considered a safe option when compared to porcelain fused to metal crowns.

Zirconia crown is long lasting, easy to wear and durable when compared to other crowns. The translucent appearance of zirconia crowns blends well with the natural teeth color and thus provides the most pleasing appearance. It requires minimal tooth preparation thus preserves most of the original tooth substance which is also favorable while removing the crown. Hence, zirconia crown is an ideal option to cover-up the damage including stains and to restore the tooth function.

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