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Imari Anterior and Full Contour Zirconia

CDS Dental Studio is dedicated to bringing you and your patients the finest quality restorations available. Imari Anterior and Full Contour Zirconia offer you the highest esthetics and durability are available only from CDS Dental Studio!

Imari Anterior is a highly esthetic restorative material designed specifically for the anterior region, exhibiting a translucency and color similar to natural dentition. Imari Full Contour Zirconia is a solid zirconia restoration with high strength and natural esthetics. Imari FCZ is virtually chip proof, making it the ideal restoration for implants and areas with limited occlusal space. Imari Zirconia restorations are the only zirconia restorations you need whether for anterior or posterior.

Call CDS Dental Studio at 800-259-7775 for more information on Imari.

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