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New Location!

Opportunity Knocks for CDS Dental Studio


CDS Dental Studio, a leading manufacturer of Crown and bridges, Ceramics, and removables in the state of Louisiana, announced it is expanding into Slidell, Louisiana. The company is the only authorized BruxZir milling center in the state of Louisiana with our own in-house CAD/Cam department.

“We are thrilled about moving into Slidell and continuing to invest in the state. We are passionate and dedicated to making quality dental restorations that are 100 percent fabricated in the USA.”, says the owner of CDS Dental studio, Chuck Schutza, Jr., CDT.

CDS Dental Studio has been creating high-quality dental restorations since 1987. In addition to our concern for the quality of our products, we value our working relationships with the dental community. With 5 CDT’s on our dental team, we are large enough to meet all your dental needs but small enough to provide the personal attention and care.

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Face of Dentistry is Chaning

CDS Studio  is a full-service dental lab, veteran-owned for three decades. We take great pride in the fact all our restorations are 100% fabricated in the USA. Our mission is to provide only the highest quality dental restorations, delivered in a timely fashion, with exceptional customer service.

Unfortunately, the face of dentistry is changing and has changed in the last few years. More of the dental restoration that should be fabricated in the USA are unknowingly shipped overseas for a very low cost, mainly to the lab owner. Sometimes the lower costs are passed along to the Dentist in lower fees, but not always. As you know this opens the individual doctor up to face the liability, when and if there is an issue with the material contained in the low-cost restoration. Many times, the doctor is unaware that the lab is farming out work to another country. However, the liability still falls on the dentist’s shoulders.

One thing we know for sure: the number of dental labs in the US is declining. According to the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL) released a market research study that predicts the number of dental labs in the US has shrunk by 39 percent from 2006 to 2017. Many factors, including foreign markets, are driving the decline in dental labs in the US.

The face of foreign trade with America is changing, as well. During the previous few years. China and Mexico have had an unfair advantage in international trade deals. The new administration of the United States plans to eliminate our massive trade deficit, creating millions of new jobs and stimulating the economy adding much-needed revenues to fund the infrastructure of this country. The plan includes negotiations with the countries and levying a tariff as high as 45% upon countries doing trade with the US. This will eliminate the lower prices for dental services now being offered by some dental labs. CDS Dental Studio already provides competitively low prices for products made strictly in America, providing jobs for many Americans while supporting the economy of this great country and will continue to do so.

Several dental labs across the country are only focused on delivering the most inexpensive service they can offer; we focus on delivering high-quality products for a reasonable price. We have knowledgeable dental lab technicians on staff to guarantee the highest of standards to meet all your density needs.

Chuck D. Schutza, Jr., CDT
President and CEO