The warmth and esthetics of gold remain a popular choice for both doctors and patients alike. CDS Dental Studio’s talented technicians sculpt exquisite PFM restorations to your specifications for superb fit and occlusion. Our gold alloy copings provide natural looks that mask discoloration, while the ceramic yields margins and contour that blend with surrounding dentition without any gray to give it away.

Attention to detail from the pouring of the models to the trimming of the dies under a microscope, to the final polishing of the gold collars, are all accomplished with great care by each CDS Dental Studio technician. PFM crowns offer a perfect balance between the strength of a full-cast crown and the esthetics of an all-ceramic, and we fabricate each PFM to exacting details.


Our highly trained technicians are experienced with the leading products and look forward to working with you.