CDS is pleased to offer a full range of removable services.  Whether your patients require a simple repair to an appliance or a new partial or denture, our team has you covered.  We can fabricate custom trays, night guards, hard/soft nightguards, treatment partial dentures, traditional Metal Partial Dentures, FRS Partial Dentures, and Complete Dentures.  We utilize well-known brands such as Lucitone Acrylics, Nobillium Metal, Dentsply and Ivoclar teeth.

Treatment or interim partial dentures:

These appliances are typically used for short-term use and are made from heat cured acrylic, wire clasps, and plastic denture teeth. They are easily modified or repaired until the patient is ready for a permanent appliance.

FRS partial dentures:

Known as a flexible partial denture, this is a nylon based material that is heated and then pressure injected into the mold. Patients like that it is lightweight, esthetic, and more comfortable than cast metal partials. It is not easily modified or repaired but must be re-fabricated. It is available in gingival shades as well as clear.


H/S nightguards:

This appliance utilizes two different acrylics in one product. Fabricated on your model, it has a soft acrylic against the teeth and tissue with a hard acrylic bonded to the outer surface that wears against the opposing dentition. It is comfortable and easy to adjust.

Hard nightguards:

Made with a heat cured clear acrylic, this is used to treat TMJ problems and bruxism.

Removable Partial Dentures:

A cast metal appliance with clasps or precision attachments for retention. Plastic denture teeth are heat cured into the appliance.

Complete and Immediate Dentures:

A custom arrangement of plastic or porcelain teeth in a heat-cured acrylic base. There are many different shades and molds of teeth available. Custom arrangements, as well as precision attachments or implant retained dentures, can also be fabricated.


Our highly trained technicians are experienced with the leading products and look forward to working with you.